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Amanda & Martin's Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Welcome to Amanda and Martin's pre-wedding photo shoot.

I recently met with these guys one very cold, bleak snowy morning at the Ipswich docks. I love this new development and have always wanted to do a shoot there, so as Amanda and Martin live in Ipswich, it was my perfect opportunity.

We met by the question mark outside the uni and headed straight for the coffee shop! It was a great way to relax and go through the final details for their special day on the 11th March at Smeetham Hall Barn and warm up before braving the photo shoot!

Amanda and Martin are a real pleasure to spend time with. They are super relaxed and so at ease with each other and I really enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with them. I know I say this a lot, but I really felt like I had always known them, which is great and what the pre-wedding shoot is all about.

After going through all the details for the big one, it was time to venture out!!

The shoot was everything I had hoped for and more!! The docks offer so many amazing back drops and Amanda and Martin breezed through the portraits, it was FANTASTIC!! I can't wait for their big day now!! :-)

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