So after being in the industry for many years (over 30!), we have photographed hundreds of weddings and have a pretty good idea of how everything should work. We've be asked many questions over the years and have listed a few of the most popular,  which you may find helpful.

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What happens if it rains on the day?

Not a problem at all, we just simply work inside when and if we have too. It doesn't often rain all day long, so we can dodge the showers by popping in and out and umbrellas make great shots anyway!!


What happens if we are ill on the day of your wedding?

A bit of a tricky one for any photographer and one that we really hope never happens! However, the advantage of booking with us is that there are three photographers involved in the business, Simon, Hayley and Stewart. All professional wedding photographers with many years of experience and the same shooting style. If one of us was unable to cover your day for whatever reason, then we still have the other two available. Also, we do have a very good network of photography friends who would be willing to step in at late notice, as we would for them.


Are we fully insured?

Yes we have both Public Liability & Professional Indemnity insurance. We do also recommend taken out some insurance cover yourselves. You are going to be booking a lot of suppliers for your big day with lots of payments often required upfront. What happens if you have to cancel your wedding last minute for a reason that's out of your control? You never know what's around the corner and if the unthinkable does happen, your suppliers are likely to still want payment.

What happens if your camera breaks?

Or if we drop it?!! It has happened and it hurts!! :(

Don't worry we have an abundance of Professional Nikon cameras and lenes available to us. We always have two on us at all times on the day and we have more in the boot of the car, so it's not a problem if one does stop working, we can still carry on.


Do we do group photographs?


Oh yes! How often do all your family and friends get together? Not very often, so we feel it's important to bring everyone together with you guys. We do always advise keeping your list as short as possible, otherwise you run the risk of spending most of your afternoon waiting around whilst we gather guests. We mainly cover both sides of the family and friends shots. A large group of everyone works well and then any extras as required. We will discuss this with you during your final wedding meeting before your big day.

Can we photograph both the bride and groom getting ready in the morning?

Yes we certainly can but if you guys are getting ready at separate venues, you will need to book a second photographer, so we can be in two places at once. It is possible to capture some of you both getting ready with one photographer, if you are both getting ready in the same venue but always best with two.

Does it matter if we haven't worked at your venue before?

Not at all. We love working at new venues and there will always be a new wedding venue open that we will all have to work at for the first time at some point. Having said that, we are fortunate that we have visited most of them throughout Essex and Suffolk over the years. However, if it is one that we haven't been to before, we will simply arrange to meet your there before your big day, so we can have a good walk around the grounds discussing different photo opportunities.

How long after the wedding do you have to wait for images?

Typically around 2 to 3 weeks for Smaller Intimate Weddings and 4 weeks to deliver images from a Full Day Wedding. At the height of a wedding season the timings may be extended by a week.

Will our photographs on our usb key have a watermark on them?

No, they are all presented to you at high resolution with no watermark and copyright free, so you can print and share them as you wish.

Can our friends and family view our photos?

Yes included in our packages is an online photo gallery with a unique password. You can share this with your friends & family, so they can view and download the photos as required.

Do we offer black & white images?

Absolutely! We love black and white images and very often know what images are going to work best in black and white the moment we take them. You will have a good selection of colour and black and white images to look through from your day and if you don't like any of the ones we've selected as black and white, they can simply be changed back to colour.

Can we choose the photos for our album?

Yes we want you to choose the photos for your album, as it is your album and we want you to have the images you love and can't be without. Once you have chosen your images we will then create the design for you and provide you with a pdf proof. You can then make any changes required. Somethings we do get it right first time, others may require some changes.

How long do we have to wait for our album?

We normally give you a period of 5 weeks to select your photographs for your album. Once we have your list it takes us 2-3 weeks to complete the design and send a proof to you. Once approved, we order your album and it normally takes 4-5 weeks to be made.

How do we secure our date?

Once you are happy to confirm a booking, we will send you a copy of our booking form and contract for you to sign. We ask for a £300 booking fee to be paid upon signing the contract and then once both have been received the date is exclusively yours and we will send conformation of your booking.

When do we pay the remaining balance?

The final payment is required no later than 4 weeks before your big day. We will send you the invoice shortly after your final meeting which is normally around 6-8 weeks before.

Let's Work Together

We love to photograph wonderful moments with beautiful people and we love to share the journey with so many wonderful couples. If you would like to share your journey with us, please do get in contact, as we would love to share your journey with you!

We are so happy with our wedding photos from EPS. So many of our guests commented on how friendly, professional and discreet Simon was. I have no idea how he took photos of us from so many angles during the speeches without anyone being aware of him running around from place to place! He knew our venue (Gosfield Hall) inside out, so we got beautiful photos without spending hours away from our guests. Can't recommend enough!

Kelly & Graham