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As well as photographing beautiful weddings, we also love to photograph relaxed family portraits out on location and we love nothing more than being out and about, exploring a park, a woodland or river walk, a farm, the countryside, a beach or simply someone's home, capturing the true love and character of your beautiful family. There are so many colourful, naturaI backdrops out there offering the perfect environment for creative family portraits.


We work in a very relaxed manner, allowing you and your children to play and have fun. We will spend time with you on your photoshoot and simply wait for those special little "not-to-be-missed" moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Picture Box Portraits
Lifestyle Portraits

Our Location Portraits often take place around Colchester and surrounding areas. We will be happy to discuss a location with you which can be somewhere that has meaning to you and your family, perhaps somewhere you like to visit, or it can simply be at your home in your beautiful garden. Alternatively, we do  have the beautiful Bures Mill and surrounding Meadows right on our doorstep, which is picture perfect for photoshoots, if you are happy to come to us.


Most Family Shoots take approximately 1 - 2 hours which allows plenty of time for a good variety of backdrops and poses. You are more than welcome to bring along your family pet or any props that you might like to include in your photoshoot.

Regarding what to wear, we always suggest keeping it very relaxed, as that suits the style of our portraits. Try to go for something that combines you all well together and more importantly, something that makes you feel comfortably and isn't restricting, as you will need to move around easily.

Location Portrait



A location shoot for up to 6 people (£10 per extra person)

1-2 hours photography time

Travel to your chosen location within 15 miles from Bures

Password-protected online gallery of hand edited images available to purchase via my online shop

1 x 10"x8" print of your choice


Portrait Special Offer

The above session fee covers the cost of the 1-2 hour shoot and is paid in advance. After your shoot you can choose from one of the following packages:

Picture Box Portraits


10 fully edited high res digital download images for you to print and share as you wish



Picture Box Portraits_045.jpg


20 fully edited high res digital download images for you to print and share as you wish


Image 17.jpg


50 fully edited high res digital download images for you to print and share as you wish


Alternatively, choose any of your photographs

to be printed into a range of beautiful hand-crafted products available to order

through our online shop

Framed prints.jpg
Framed Portrait of a Girl
Framed multi 3b.jpg

fill your walls with love!

Portrait products like frames, mounts, canvases, and prints are exquisite additions to your home decor. With various styles and materials available, they effortlessly enhance the beauty of your cherished photographs. Whether you prefer classic frames for a timeless touch, modern canvases for a contemporary vibe, or elegant mounts to highlight the images, these products add a lovely and personalized touch to any room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy.

Portrait Gallery


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