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Having a Second Photographer at your wedding can really make a difference!


Second Photographer

Ok so you've been searching around looking at different photographers and have probably noticed that many offer a second photographer or even work as a two photographer team and you may be thinking, why do I need two photographers? It's only one wedding...right?

Well, we can only highly recommend having two photographers working on your day, as it allows for a much more creative coverage, especially if you are a fan of the more relaxed documentary style photographs.

It also means that we can simply be in two places at the same time which is perfect if you have more than one location.

Here is a little guide to explain the benefits of having two photographers and why they are worth every penny...

The Morning

So what do the boys get up to on the morning of their wedding day? Well, all we can say is that boys will be boys and it can certainly be a different morning to the girls!

This is where having two of us works so well on your day, because we can literally be in two places at once, so if you are both getting ready at different venues, we can separate ourselves to make sure every little detail is covered...sorry fellas!!

Even if you are both getting ready at the same venue, which often happens, we still recommend this because each of you will have a photographer dedicated to you through the entire build up and we won't have to leave you at any time to be somewhere else.

Capturing both the bride and the groom getting ready really does start the story telling of your day and provides images that neither of you will see of each other before you say "I do".

The Ceremony

Having a photographer working with the groom throughout the morning means that they will follow the groom and his groomsmen over to the venue and will be on hand to capture guests as they arrive. This is where the excitement really starts to build and the nerves can often start to show.

Working through the ceremony is one of the best parts of the day for us. By this point we really feel that we know you both and it's so lovely to see you come together to become husband and wife!

Another huge benefit comes into play here, as one of us can be at the front on the ceremony, capturing the excitement on your faces as you exchange vows and wedding rings and the other can be at the back capturing a wider view, again making sure nothing is missed. 


During this time we both work very quietly and discreetly and we only use available light (no flash photography) so you won't be distracted from your special moment together.

The Drinks Reception

Ok relax, you've done it and you're together again!! Whoop Whoop!!

This is now the time for us to both step back and just let it happen! You've got married and it's one of the most important things you will do together. Your guests will want to come and congratulate you and who are we to stop that from happening!

This is the moment we will both stick on our long lens and literally mingle amongst you and your guests, capturing the moments as they happen. It' s a very exciting time and it allows for some great images!

The Group Shots & Fun Stuff

This is another huge advantage of having two photographers, especially on larger weddings. With two of us there, we can gather guests for group photographs very quickly and lets be honest, no one wants to stand around too long waiting for guests!

Also, whilst one of us is putting guests into place for the group photograph, the other can concentrate on what is happening in the background, capturing all the fun shots and those special little "not to be missed" moments that one photographer working on their own, simply can't get.

Bride & Groom

When it comes to the intimate bride and groom shots, we've always found that two sets of eyes are better than one. Quite often a lot of the shots we are creating are put together very quickly, as we need to make sure you're in on time for your wedding breakfast and you will want to spend some time with your guests...right?

Therefore having two photographers at this stage is very helpful. Firstly it's not always easy for our bride to move around swiftly in her beautiful wedding dress, so one of us can be ready to help whenever needed in between shots. We will also be on hand to help with the bouquet and veil where necessary, making sure everything is in place, as it should be before we start snapping.

Once we have you in place, it's very easy for the two of us to get around capturing different angles of you together. One of us will tend to concentrate on the wider shots, framing you both into a beautiful picture, using your venues backdrops to create stunning images, whilst the other will have the long lens on and zoom in to capture close up detail shots, all fitting seamlessly together to show the true love and romance of your special day.

Often we will simply get you to hold hands and go for a walk, chatting as you go. One of us photographing from the front and the other from behind. It's a very simple relaxed technique that works every time!

The Speeches & Evening Photographs

When it comes to the speeches and the evening reception, it becomes a very "fly on the wall" documentary style of photography, capturing the event as it happens. You may of noticed that we offer a half day or full day second photographer coverage and we often advise that a half day coverage is more than enough with two photographers, as we can very comfortably cover the evening with one. Unless you have a huge wedding with lots of different entertainment happening, we haven't found it necessary in the past. We would however, be more than happy to discuss and advise if you are unsure.

All in all, a second photographer will definitely add impact to your day and give you a much wider coverage of natural, documentary style images from many different angles. It is the perfect way to tell the story of your day as it unfolds and provide you with images that you will treasure for a lifetime!

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