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Sarah & Liam's Pre-Wedding Shoot

Sarah & Liam are getting married at Gosfield Church and then on to Smeetham Hall Barn, Suffolk, for their wedding reception on 29th July, so I arranged to meet with them at the Chappel Viaduct and Millennium Green for their Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot.

Chappel Viaduct is a great place to work as it's the perfect structure to create great images and Sarah and Liam were up for climbing into the arches which made a fantastic infinity tunnel in the background. Also the Chappel Swan is right next door, so perfect for a well earned drink afterwards!! :-)

I know I say this a lot, but Sarah and Liam are another lovely couple to work with. I felt so relaxed with these guys which makes my job soooo much easier!!

I really enjoyed every minute of your photo shoot Sarah and Liam. It was a real pleasure spending time getting to know you and capturing lovely images as we went for a walk. And Liam, you are the perfect gentleman, letting Sarah win the armwrestle at the end!! Lol :-)

Looking forward to seeing you guys getting married!!

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