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Alison & Jim - 21st October 2017 - Layer Marney Tower

Welcome to Ali and Jim's wedding day on 21st October 2017 at the magnificent Layer Marney Tower wedding venue, in Essex.
 What can we say about these guys! They are both as cool as cats and totally AMAZING to work with!! And on top of that, Jim (AKA The Groom) pretty much arranged the whole day!! How about that ladies!! And what a fantastic job he did!!
 The whole day went so well. I started with Ali at her home in Frating, where she was getting ready with her daughter Elizabeth and her dad Ray, whilst Stewart headed over to Layer Marney Tower, to find Jim putting all the Autumn themed decorations in place.
 Everything started perfectly and everyone was excited for a good day!
 Before getting into her dress, Ali presented her dad with a gift as a thank you and they were soon enjoying a drop of scotch together, which is their thing every now and then. It was a lovely moment.
 The ceremony and the afternoon at Layer Marney Tower went extremely smoothly. Everyone enjoyed a relaxed afternoon and all went well through the photographs. Even the resident cat, Marmaduke was involved at times. He was a real hit with their daughter Elizabeth and had plenty of cuddle time!!
 After the photographs we headed into the hall for what was one of the most amazing confetti shots ever!! We gathered everyone on the stairs and the confetti canons were released! It created such a fantastic shower of confetti, which seemed to hover in the air for ages!! 
 Going into the long gallery was awesome and totally blew everyone away!! The table arrangements were breathtaking, well done Jim!!
 During the day and meal they had a fantastic Magician called Spencer Wood. Again, this was another mind blowing experience as he was amazing, totally blowing everyone away with his incredible magic! After the meal he did a trick for all the guests. He went round the tables with a guests mobile phone, asking random people to key any numbers into a calculator and press the plus key. He did this several times and then got the last person to announce the total number. It was 211017, which was the date of Ali and Jim's wedding!! AMAZING!!!
 All the speeches went well and the evening entertainment was soon underway and Jim had one more surprise lined up for Ali. We all headed out for sparklers, which she did know about. We created a tunnel with the guests in front of the tower. Ali and Jim walked through the tunnel with sparklers in hands, it was beautiful. Just as they got to the end of the tunnel, the firework display by Dynamic Fireworks started! It was perfect timing and a total surprise for Ali.
 We had the best day with Ali and Jim. They are such a lovely couple to be around and they put so much time and effort into their fantastic day!!
 Thank you so much Ali and Jim for allowing us to be part your special day, we enjoyed every minute of it and we wish you all the very best in your married life together!!

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