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Therasa & Ben's Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot - Southend Pier, Essex

During February I made a trip to Southend, Essex to meet Therasa and Ben for their pre-wedding shoot on Southend Pier!! It was bang in the middle of that really lovely hot spell we had in February, so the weather was just perfect!! I arranged to meet them nice and early to avoid the busy time and to give us a chance to get some shots without to many unwanted guests in the background. After a few shots at the front of the pier, we were soon jumping on the train to travel the one mile to the other end. This was a trip down memory lane for Ben because he used to drive the train as a part time job when he was at university. How cool is that!! We had a good walk around checking out every nook and cranny of the pier and exhausted every photo opportunity, before heading back to land for fun in the arcades!!! I'm a bit disappointed you didn't win the tiger Ben!! Lol :-) Working with Therasa and Ben was so much FUN!! They are such a lovely couple, so easy to get on with and so at ease with each other!! They are getting married on 26th May at Prested Hall and I'm so looking forward to their big day!! Here's a little look at what we got up to........

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