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Leeds Castle Wedding Photographer

Gabriella & Harry - 28th October 2022


Last October, in the breathtaking setting of Leeds Castle in Kent, Gabriella and Harry had a wedding that was nothing short of beautiful. The day was filled with creativity and relaxation, capturing the essence of their love.

Leeds Castle, known for its stunning gardens and grand castle, was the perfect backdrop for this magical occasion. As a Leeds Castle Wedding Photographer, we were thrilled to be a part of this castle wedding, where every corner offered a stunning view for capturing memories.

Gabriella and Harry were not only a lovely couple but also had a fun-loving nature. This energy translated into their wedding, creating an amazing party atmosphere that everyone enjoyed. From the moment they arrived at the castle to the final sparklers and fireworks, the celebration was a true reflection of their love and joy.

One of the highlights of the day was capturing the bride and groom getting ready in the castle. The setting added a touch of elegance and history to the preparations. The anticipation and excitement in the air were palpable as they prepared to exchange their vows.

Drone photography played a significant role in capturing the beauty of the castle and its surrounding grounds. With its ability to provide amazing aerial shots, it added an extra dimension to the wedding album. The vast and picturesque landscape of Leeds Castle became even more breathtaking when seen from above.

No wedding is complete without a stunning wedding cake, and Gabriella and Harry's ceremony was no exception. Their cake was nothing short of grand, a true show-stopper that perfectly complemented the beautiful surroundings.

Throughout the day, we witnessed the love and support of the couple's families. It was heartwarming to see both sides coming together to celebrate Gabriella and Harry's love. The bond between them added an extra layer of happiness to the already joyous occasion.

As the night fell, the atmosphere became even more magical. Sparklers in hand, the guests created a beautiful moment of light and love, illuminating the Castle grounds. The evening ended with a spectacular display of fireworks, adding a touch of enchantment to a day filled with love and celebration.

Gabriella and Harry's wedding was a true testament to the beauty of love and the joy of bringing families together. Their creative and relaxed approach perfectly complemented the stunning surroundings of Leeds Castle. It was an absolute privilege to capture their special day, filled with emotions and memories that will last a lifetime.